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The businesses I run, guest speaking I do, along with the journals I write & exploits along the way, have created a wealth of press and PR over the last decade. From global TV coverage on the news on channels like ESPN, CNN BBC & NBC, to sports host evenings in South Africa, like Sports Night on SABC 1 and 3.

Last year, due to the start of my own small business in South Africa, I was really strapped financially and unable to personally raise enough money to go abroad, compete  and represent my country. So to compete abroad and as an innovative South African I set up a website and with the help of friends from all over South Africa, set up a couple of fundraisers, selling raffle tickets, sunset cruises, some of my own boards, signed posters and ad space on my big wave guns to anyone to generate enough money to go abroad and represent my country.

The site and campaign generated huge publicity and a large following with updates being posted to Facebook and my personal blog on the site.

The following and support was so amazing that I ended up giving a couple thousand rand to the Reach for a Dream foundation who do a great job looking after kids with life threatening illnesses.

There is a great marketing tool here with huge potential waiting to be tapped, if anyone is interested in getting involved with branding and or sponsorship, please drop me a mail on my contact details and I am more than happy to discuss any opportunities I maybe be able to assist you with.

  • TV- Global coverage on various news channels like ESPN, CNN BBC & NBC., UNBC, sports programmes in South Africa, like Sports Night on SABC 1 & 3.
  • Web– I do a journal on my own blog, aswell as updates on Facebook, Twitter and a newsletter that goes out to a broad spectrum on a quaterly.  I get great coverage through media partners:
  1.  who will be following my exploits via a weekly journal with video and stills
  2. who will be doing a feature on my updates
  4. who will also be doing a number of key updates on my progress.
  5. Various coverage from Surfline, and Surfersvillage
  6. Live coverage from three of the five events – Live streaming web events, event details listed below.
  • PR– PR releases will be going out before the numerous events and through my web updates and newsletters, which communicate the various charity fundraisers projects and or other events information that needs to communicated to the public.
  • Radio- I  do various radio interviews from time to time on KFM & CapeTalk which have a large national audience.
  • Interviews– I’m constantly doing interviews for magazines and or radio for various events and or projects I am involed in, from Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health, Rooi Rose, Mail & Gaurdian etc.
  • Logos  & branding is important on all my boards and my website, to ensure those who support me get as much mileage as possible, at all times.
  • Print– all magazines & newspapers both local and international – Surfing Life Australia, Surfer Magazine,The Bomb, Zigzag, Stand Up Paddle Journal, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The Sun, Cape Times, Argus, Sunday Times, etc


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