Ocean Driven

The day that changed big wave surfing

A tale of overcoming obstacles as well as your own fears, inspiring viewers to never give up and lose sight of their dreams.

Chris Bertish comes of age in giant waves, leading to the Mavericks Invitational in 2010. Minutes after nearly drowning, he takes the world by storm.

An empowering true story about resilience with gripping scenes of a unique big wave brotherhood and the hardships they face.

Last Known Coordinates

After legendary South African surfer Chris Bertish wins the world’s most prestigious big wave surfing title at Mavericks, his friends and family are hopeful that he’s ready to settle down. Their hope turns to concern when Bertish announces that for his next conquest he will attempt to become the first person to stand up paddle board across the Atlantic, from Africa to North America, completely solo and unsupported.

That means paddling a marathon a day for 93 days across an ocean. No days off. Out on the barren expanse of one of the world’s greatest oceans, there are no rescue boats. No coast guard on call. But Bertish’s mantra is that nothing is impossible and his mission is to use his unusual skill-set to raise money for African’s impoverished children.

Putting his life and relationships on the line, Bertish sets out from Morocco with 95 days worth of food and a solar-powered desalinator to turn sea-water into drinking water. He also takes with him three cameras as a “black box recording system” should anything go wrong and he doesn’t survive.

LAST KNOWN COORDINATES is an intimate account of Chris Bertish’s battles through epic storms, equipment failures, shark encounters, injuries, leaks, loneliness and coming to grips with this father’s death in his quest to paddle solo across the Atlantic and test the limits of what is truly possible.