The TransPacific Wing Project

The World’s First Solo Wing-Foil Ocean-Crossing

In June and July 0f 2021, Chris plans to solo wing-foil 2750 nautical miles across the Pacific, from Half Moon Bay, California to Oahu, Hawaii. It will require him to complete two marathons per day, non-stop for fifty days; unsupported and completely unassisted, with only his trusty GPS and a global social media audience for company. He’s not only doing this to break a world record, but to raise huge amounts of awareness and money for conservation, climate change, education, and sustainability, while inspiring positive change to all who follow this journey.

A World’s First, Completely Powered by Nature!

In a world hungry for inspiration, leadership and hope the most inspiring act we can offer others is through a powerful example. It comes as no surprise that seasoned waterman Chris Bertish has chosen this as the perfect time to remind us all that we are far stronger and more resilient than we realize, not only can we get through the challenge of COVID-19, but we can get through anything, even the seemingly Impossible!

The Route

The route will skirt the South part of the North Pacific High Pressure System, utilizing the predominant wind and current, to travel from Half Moon Bay to Oahu alone, over 2850 Nautical Miles. This is the equivalent of more than 2 full marathons every day, for more than 55 days straight.

Along the way, followers of the journey will have the chance to interact with Chris out at sea through competitions built into stages of the voyage, predictions of Chris’s progress and what he will find along the way, Q&A sessions, and through his Captains log updates each week. Enhanced satellite communication systems ensure the entire journey is broadcast-ready and can be tracked–and followed-via social media.

The Adventure, Live!

Tracked by GPS for the duration of the voyage Chris’ route and daily updates will include his distance covered, real-time conditions, hardships and challenges, the state of the ocean and craft, and Chris’ personal account from his Captain’s log. Chris will be collecting valuable data on the ocean, environment and creatures which you can follow each week as it is updated here.

Chris will also be conducting the first ever ocean classroom live from the middle of the Pacific! Themed classes on ocean health, conservation, and plastic pollution will premiere each week as Chris reaches different points in his journey. Classes will feature special guests from land, and the chance for students to ask any questions they may have! More information coming soon


In everything he does, Chris uses adventure and sport for good, to inspire hope and highlight important Climate Change and Ocean Health issues around the UN’s 30×30 strategy – protecting 30% of the planet’s land and water by 2030 and getting to Carbon Net Zero by 2050. We’ve partnered with Ocean Unite to promote their message of ocean conservation and protection, and will also be raising money for ocean health and sustainability projects around the world.

This project will be completely carbon neutral.  Zero Fossil fuels will be used from the moment of departure over the 2850 mile journey, and only organic, biodegradable waste will be allowed back into the environment. Through our carbon-offset strategy, we’ll plant multiple forests through the Heyerdahl Climate Change Park in Myanmar, one of our partners. Read more about our work at The Chris Bertish Foundation here.

This project will also raise money towards six of the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): GOAL 4 – Quality Education; GOAL 7 – Clean Energy; GOAL 13 – Climate Action; GOAL 14 – Life Below Water, GOAL 15 – Life on Land; GOAL 17 – Partnerships to achieve the SDGs.

This project is merely a tool and medium to amplify the narrative, highlighting global Climate Change challenges and to be a voice of positive change through this expedition.

The Craft


The Flying Fish craft has already set a world record for a solo paddle voyage across the Atlantic and it is currently being upgraded and custom built for this unique adventure. We’re re-doing all the electronics, satellite communications, power matrix, solar units, and hydro charger systems for auxiliary power. We’re also upgrading to a Lithium battery bank, changing the Autopilot system to hydraulics, adding a backup Windvane steering system, while also making important alterations to the hull, deck and sidewalls.

To upgrade the Impifish to a Wingfoiling Craft we’ll be adding specialized hydrofoils, currently being built in New Zealand by top foil manufacturers, through Armstrong. We are investing heavily into the most advanced tech and the latest satellite communication systems available for such a small craft. This will allow me to do live interviews in real time, from the middle of the Pacific, making the project more interactive, engaging and educational.

How the Wing Project Gives Back

At its core the Wing Project is about inspiring hope in difficult times, about creating belief in something greater than ourselves, and in defying the odds to prove that what was thought to be impossible today, is tomorrows’ reality. Chris not only champions this philosophy in his awesome feats on the ocean, but also in the organizations and efforts they benefit.

The 2021 Wing Project will be directly engaged in:

  • Raising awareness around the massive Climate Change issues globally through our partnership with Conservation International.
  • Shining a strong light on the UN’s 30×30 strategy for protecting 30% of the planet’s land and water by 2030.
  • Highlighting what it will take to get to Carbon Net Zero by 2050, as proposed by the UN, keeping the global temperature to <1.5°C above pre-industrial era levels.
  • We plan to run live and interactive Ocean Classroom sessions, broadcast to hundreds of thousands of kids around the world; creating a live weekly ocean classroom via a satellite from the middle of the Pacific.
  • Chris will be collecting valuable data for research for the MBARI institute and Conservation international on Ocean Pollution, Temperature and Acidity.
  • We plan to plant 1000 trees, through The Worldview Climate Change park.
  • We plan to sponsor Ocean Education outreach programs for more than 1000 children in disadvantaged communities
  • We plan to pay for Operations for children born with cleft pallets through Operation Smile Global
  • Building interactive videos and educational initiatives for the Two Oceans Aquarium & Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Through these projects we empower and inspire the youth and people around the world to believe in themselves, have the courage to step out of their comfort zones, to do more, be more and achieve their own impossible, by believing in I’MPossible!
  • As  a B Corp certified and 1% for the Planet member, Chris uses these adventures to empower and inspire the youth to be the best they can be, to achieve anything, even their own seemingly impossible, by believing in I’MPossible!
  • This project ties into, highlights and gives back to five of the United Nations – 17 SDG’s, to bring about positive global change.

Get on Board!

All of us face unforeseen storms and challenges in life, just like Covid and Climate Change. Rather than sitting back and doing nothing, we need to have the courage to change, stand up for what’s right, take action and be the change we need to see in the world today, tomorrow and in the future. So not only our generation can enjoy nature, but the future generations too. We need to unite behind the science and change now!

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