The Chris Bertish TransPacific Wing Project

A World’s First Expedition

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Imagine if one of the top athletes in the world created a world first ocean adventure, where you could follow along and feel like you’re right there with him as he embarks on this expedition…

Imagine if this expedition was a solo crossing of the Pacific, 2550 miles from California to Hawaii, wing-foiling 12 hours a day nonstop for 60 days…

Imagine if this entire expedition was to raise awareness and money for conservation and ocean health projects around the world, and that by following along and participating in this journey you were giving back to the planet…

You don’t have to imagine, because this is exactly what Chris Bertish is doing.

Come along and experience for yourself a seemingly impossible goal, a daunting mission, a world’s first expedition to raise money and awareness for ocean protection.

Come, Join Us!

Thanks to a state of the art communications system, you’ll have the opportunity to be in the craft with Chris, battling through exhaustion and weather challenges, problem solving in the moment, and getting a special glimpse of the amazing creatures out in the middle of the ocean.

Come tap into the spirit of a courageous human being, whose mindset and bravery will help you get through any problem you’re facing in your own world.

Each week Chris will be conducting his very own Captain’s Vlog, showing you firsthand the challenges that come with crossing a vast ocean. He’ll be counting the creatures he sees, gathering valuable ocean data, and reporting on plastic pollution, all so you can become an ocean scientist from your living room.

You’ll have the opportunity to send in any questions you have about Chris or the crossing, and he’ll answer them live from the middle of the Pacific!

We’ll also be conducting the first ever Ocean In Motion Classroom Sessions, bringing in scientists and marine experts from all over the world to teach on conservation, climate change, plastic pollution, and the science behind the ocean and creatures within it!

A Specialized & Custom Built Craft

The Flying Fish craft has already set a world record for a solo paddle voyage across the Atlantic in 2017, and has been upgraded and custom built for this unique adventure. To upgrade the Impifish to a Wingfoiling Craft we’ve added specialized hydrofoils, custom built in New Zealand by Armstrong Foils. We’ve invested heavily into the most advanced tech and the latest satellite communication systems available for such a small craft so that we can take you on this journey through vlogs and updates each week.

Advocating for the Ocean

In everything he does, Chris uses adventure and sport for good, to inspire hope and raise money and awareness for people, the planet, ocean, and education.

We’re raising money for Sea Shepherd, to help them continue to use innovative, direct-action tactics to defend marine life and protect the ocean from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.

We’re collaborating with and raising money for Conservation International, working to safeguard the ocean areas on which humans depend, to reinforce and protect depleted wild-catch fisheries, and to reinvigorate degraded coastal ecosystems and restore their ability to mitigate climate change.

We’ll be raising money through The Chris Bertish Foundation, with proceeds also going to planting mangrove forests through the SeaTrees Initiative.

This project will be completely #PoweredByNature, with zero fossil fuels used and only organic, biodegradable waste allowed back into the environment. We’re proud to be certified Climate Neutral and 1% for the Planet through The Chris Bertish Foundation and this project will be as well.

At its core the Wing Project is about inspiring hope in difficult times, about creating belief in something greater than ourselves, and in defying the odds to prove that what was thought to be impossible today, is tomorrows’ reality. Chris not only champions this philosophy in his awesome feats on the ocean, but also in the organizations and efforts they benefit.

Are you ready to get on board?

Want to support Chris on this world’s first expedition while he raises money for Ocean Protection and Marine Wildlife? Click the link below!

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