Chris has been coaching people on peak performance, mindset, attitude, and achieving goals across business, life and extreme adventure for the last 2-3 years. He uses his immense amount of experience as a keynote speaker, trainer, and facilitator, to help guide people to achieve their goals, overcome fears, and remove obstacles, to achieve their greatest potential.

Chris uses his experience across all his adventures to help others develop a positive and resilient growth mindset to not only survive but thrive through difficult and challenging times. He teaches others how to create tools, tips and strategies, and on how to plan for the worst but hope for the best and put in the relevant planning and preparation.

Chris is able to only take on 3-5 clients a year due to his extreme speaking and expedition schedule.

Minimum commitment of 3-6 months, 2x 30 minute sessions per month

Please contact the team for more information.


Chris mentors adolescents through their parental guidance on mindset, attitude, goal setting, being a good human, and developing the right attitude for success across life and sport. Chris only takes on 4 of these mentorships per year, please contact the team for more information.

“I have really enjoyed working with Chris for his Impossible Mindset Coaching Sessions.  I developed some unexpected anxiety and fears in middle age that were holding me back from enjoying life to the fullest and from seeking and pursuing alternative solutions to some life challenges I was encountering.  Chris took the time to get to know who I was as a person and who the important people around me were in my life before we began our formal training sessions.  Chris then made sure to check in with me at each session to find out how I was progressing as a person and how the training was affecting the important people in my life around me.  Chris’s personal honestly allowed him to be open and share his prior fears with me which allowed me to better relate to him as a coach and have confidence that the strategies he used to overcome his challenges could also work for me. After having worked with Chris for 6 months, I have achieved all the goals I had sought to achieve, and more importantly, have begun to embody the new mindset of “I’m Possible” that I believe will help me live my life more fully.”

Mike S

Thanks once again for assisting me last year, your help was incredibly helpful life changing!

Sarah D