Chris is constantly planning, prepping for and completing major projects around the globe.

These projects inspire Chris to demonstrate what is possible if you truly believe in yourself. If you eliminate barriers and turn obstacles into opportunities, the only obstacles and limitations that exist are the ones we place on ourselves!

The TransPac Wing Project

In June and July 0f 2021, Chris plans to solo wing-foil 2750 nautical miles across the Pacific, from Half Moon Bay, California to Oahu, Hawaii,. It will require him to complete two marathons per day, non-stop for fifty days; unsupported and completely unassisted, with only his trusty GPS and a global social media audience for company.

The SUP Atlantic Crossing

An undertaking so unique, so out-of-the-box, and of such an immense feat that most would believe it to be… Impossible!

12 Hour Open Ocean World Record Paddle

Chris Bertish Paddles 130km in 12 hours to set Downwind World Record

24 hour open ocean SUP world record

A new South African and all-African record! Chris has officially completed and set a South African and All African record, Stand Up Paddle Boarding 131.8km in 24 hours

Mavericks Big Wave Story

A tale of overcoming obstacles as well as your own fears, inspiring viewers to never give up and lose sight of their dreams.

Chris Bertish comes of age in giant waves, leading to the Mavericks Invitational in 2010.


True to form, Chris has decided to slot in setting a new record to raise funds for the Lunchbox Fund, in-between attending international movie festivals, surfing in the Titans of Mavericks Big Wave event and the planning of his mammoth new project that will take place towards the end of the year.

Project Code Red

A project in Europe happening in August 2013, to cross an ocean and paddle from the source to sea of one of the largest rivers in Europe; the only difference is that this will be done solo, unassisted and non-stop for over 270km, something never attempted before.

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