24hour Word Record Attempt 1- ends at 1am, in hectic life threatening conditions

After a pretty intense and daunting night at sea in some pretty wild and wooly conditions, with a forecast that just got worse and worse, to ensure my safety and that of the team, I made a tough call just after midnight last night, after paddling in the most hectic, sea state I have yet experienced over the last 5 years of open ocean paddling..
The conditions that were forecasted to get lighter and milder, just got progressively worse, more severe and dangerous after the sun went down and by midnight, after paddling for 6hours and 47km, the sea state became to difficult for me to manage and with my team battling to keep track of me in the wild ocean at night, over 40km offshore, I called it off and, climbed back onboard, as waves broke over the stern of the craft, in 3.5m rough seas and 25-30knts of breeze.

It was exciting, grueling, scary at times, beautiful at others, heart wrenching and challenging on every level. The most difficult 6hours I can remember, but we gained great insight, experience and lessons which we have de-briefed with the team to ensure when we do it again, we can make a great deal of changes to ensure a more positive outcome. ‪#‎24hrsup‬.
We always need to be mindful, we are in the ocean, which is constantly changing and highly unpredictable and even though the forecast may say one thing, you could get something completely different. Don’t fight the ocean when its in this state, as you will always lose. Save it to brave another day, another adventure, when its more manageable, when you are more in tune and don’t have to fight it, as the ocean will always rule supreme.
This project was done in association with Cipla, Miles for Smiles, Island Tribe,Gul South AfricaSuunto mophie GO Thanks for your support. and for supporting Miles for Smiles and helping kids with cleft palates/lips. Please donate if you would like to help further on the below link:

A Big thanks to Tim, Kevin, Mark and the crew from TarrynAmy & Obelix support boats you guys were amazing and my Awesome and amazing support team of @Jordy-Mattbox Video,Jeff Jones-Web, Kelly Burke, Clellind FivazMaleen Hoekstra, Jennifer Clarke Koopmans, Michaeljon M Fuchs, Lynelle Hoeks, Nico Pfitzenmaier, Grants Scholtz,@Fluxcommunications.
There’s no such thing as failure in life, only a failure to try, so when you lose, don’t lose the lesson…many positive lessons to learn and gain from last night, tales to tell and amazing images to share.. Thanks everyone keep living with the courage to follow your passions and dreams:)

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