Yume Chicama

-The Japanese word string for the Power of Dreams-

This book is the culmination of ongoing requests and suggestions from people I have met, or people who have read my blogs and journals from all over the world that I should write a book.

This book is a journal of my life, my travels all over the world and my various experiences from my sailing and surfing adventures around the globe to how I achieved my various goals and dreams. It will focus on my success in achieving my lifelong goal, against all odds, after 10 years of dedication of winning the Mavericks Big Wave invitational event, which has been called the biggest surf ever ridden in the history of the sport.

The story highlights my upbringing, travels, surfing experiences, various trips & journals and my build up, training, hardships and struggles on the journey to achieving the Mavericks win.

Book Launch date: December 2012

Please note: book the voodoo wave launched in america 2011 has not been endorsed by chris bertish.

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