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I have been surfing since, I guess, the age of Ten years old, as result of being bored when there wasn’t enough wind to go windsurfing. I learnt with my two amazing older brothers over twenty years ago now and since then I’ve never really looked back.

It’s been about love and affinity with being in the ocean, riding waves, connecting with nature and travelling all over the world to far away, remote and most amazing and beautiful places, while meeting the most interesting and incredible people and making friends across the world over and a great deal of that I owe to the great and most amazing sport of surfing!

Interesting details on Chris and his training

Chis’s cross training regime between cardio and lung work is pretty intense. His training schedule varies from four to six months before any major event and he takes his training very seriously. He trains at least 5 days a week, before and after work and he cross trains between surfing, Stand up Paddle boarding, swimming and underwater training. The pool training is the most important element of it all! My diet changes dramatically and I stop drinking any alchohol what so ever. If you want to surf serious waves at a professional level and expect the most out of your body, you need to take your training seriously.

Favourite foods whilst training: tuna, potatoes, chicken, ostrich, pasta & bananas

Favourite foods when not training: ice-cream, iced coffee’s, chicken, burgers, pizza, biltong, chips

Favourite drinks when training: water, mango juice, Energade, Cal C Vita.

Favourite drinks when not training: Coke, mango juice, Corona, Hansa Marzen Gold, Windhoek, Lagavulin Single Malt whisky

Music when I’m training: Nickleback, Pearl Jam,3 Doors Down,Staind Live, Green Day,Prodigy, Blink 182, The Cure, Rocky!

Music when I’m not training: Daughtry, U2, Puddle of Mud, Nickleback, Manu Chao, Five for Fighting, Jon Swift, Jack Johnson

Average daily distance underwater training in the pool when in training: 500m

Average daily distance underwater training in the pool when not in training: 0 metres- Lazy! Surf more, smile more..


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