Big wave world Tour 2010/2011

All these are invitation only events, only 24 people in the world are invited.  Waiting periods apply for most of these events, in order to get conditions required- generally- over 30ft waves

  • Mavericks- Northern California- (Nov-March)
  • Nellscott- Oregon- (Oct-November)
  • Todos Santos- Mexico- (Feb-March)
  • Quiksilver Chile big wave event- Lobos Chile- (March-April)
  • Big Wave Peru- Lima- Peru (June)

The first ever Stand up paddle World Tour I have managed to get an invitation into the top 16 for 2010

  • France- May
  • Brazil- Sept
  • California- Oct
  • Hawaii- Jan.

I also plan to participate in the Big Wave World Tour and SUP world Tour.

I have been approached by journalists with regards to putting together a book which I am aiming to have completed by the end of 2011 for publication and global distribution.

I have recently received confirmation on putting together the story of my journey in the form of a well-funded documentary which is aimed to be launched at Cannes Film Festival for 2012.


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