The Worlds’ First Solo Wing-Foil Ocean Crossing

In June and July 0f 2021, Chris plans to solo wing-foil 2750 nautical miles across the Pacific, from Half Moon Bay, California to Oahu, Hawaii,. It will require him to complete two marathons per day, non-stop for fifty days; unsupported and completely unassisted, with only his trusty GPS and a global social media audience for company.

The Mission

A world first, completely “Powered by Nature!”

In a world hungry for inspiration, leadership and hope the most inspiring act we can offer others is through a powerful example. It comes as no surprise that seasoned waterman Chris Bertish has chosen this as the perfect time to remind us all that we are far stronger and more resilient than we realize, not only can we get through the challenge of COVID-19, but we can get through anything, even the seemingly Impossible!

Chris is searching for partners as bold as he is to help the Trans-Pacific Wing Project raise awareness, funds and much needed attention for education, conservation and sustainability whilst inspiring a positive change by demonstrating that nothing we can dream is impossible to achieve. Are you ready to get your feet wet?

The Adventure, Live!

Tracked by GPS for the duration of the voyage Chris’ route and daily updates will include his distance covered, real-time conditions, hardships and challenges, the state of the ocean and its creatures, and Chris’ personal account from his Captain’s log.

This amounts to a two month long, record-setting media event, showcasing a real-time adventure for a global audience, and one which includes audience engagement activities such as competitions built into stages of the voyage, GPS tracking of the wing foil craft and audience predictions of Chris’ progress and what he will find along the way.

An established ambassador for ocean sport and high adventure, Chris Bertish has already built a faithful audience hundreds of thousands strong. In 2017 he soloed across the Atlantic-7500 kms of unassisted paddling-and, in the process, forged his unique adventure-media model with fans clamoring for his Captain’s log updates posted on every stroke of his heroic journey, garnering 721 million impressions in the US alone.


The Wing Craft

The Team Bertish Wing Craft has been custom built for this unique adventure and provides a once-in-alifetime branding opportunity for partners and sponsors. The Flying Fish craft has already set a world record for a solo paddle voyage across the Atlantic and, it is currently being upgraded with added hydrofoils, improved tech, and greater ocean-going efficiency to complement its new, powerful wing-foil.

Enhanced satellite communication systems ensure the entire journey is broadcast-ready and can be tracked–and followed-via social media. Chris is now able to deliver daily updates, including images and video, documenting each stage of the journey for the audience whilst including sponsor presence. It goes without saying that sponsors will receive pride of place with their logos prominently displayed on the craft, media and any gear Chris uses.

A Boatload of ROI

Beyond the craft, wing, media and CSI branding opportunities is the association that Chris Bertish offers to any brand as a world record holder, an indomitable adventurer and high-performance athlete. This includes brand presence and partnership with Chris at the Fortune 500 team-building and motivational events which Chris regularly hosts at companies like Google, NASA, Cisco, Coke and Salesforce to name only a few.

Chris is also available for promotional campaigns and videos, brand ambassador, role model appearances and roadshow opportunities. Finally, Chris and his team are building an 8 part, 23minute, short Series Documentary built for a National Geographic/ Discovery channel, global audience. The Series will showcase this extreme, world first Trans-Pacific Wing Project, to the world, while highlighting the research and science, the link back to education, conservation and sustainability, while simultaneously giving massive exposure back to all sponsors/ partners involved. The singular nature of this incredible feat and the powerful giveback components will ensure that this story will continue to generate massive ROI far beyond the event itself and well into the future.

How the Wing Project Gives Back

At its core the Wing Project is about inspiring hope in difficult times, about creating belief in something greater than ourselves, and in defying the odds to prove that what was thought to be impossible today, is tomorrows’ reality. Chris not only champions this philosophy in his awesome feats on the ocean, but also in the organizations and efforts they benefit.

The 2021 Wing Project will be directly engaged in:

  • Planting 1000 trees, through The Worldview Climate Change park.
  • Sponsoring ocean education outreach programs for more than 1000 children in disadvantaged communities.
  • Sponsoring scholarships for disadvantaged children through the Marine Science Course, with the Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town.
  • Paying for operations for children born with cleft pallets through Operation Smile Global
  • Donating $5000 towards shark research, awareness and protection projects through the Save our Seas Foundation
  • Donating $5000 towards global conservation projects through Conservation International. Through Chris’ partnership with Conservation International, the Wing Project will help raise awareness for climate action and conservation programs globally.
  • Building interactive videos and educational initiatives for the Two Oceans Aquarium & Monterey Bay Aquarium, so children can connect with Chris on his next epic journey .
  • Through these projects we empower and inspire the youth and people around the world to believe in themselves, have the courage to step out of their comfort zones, to do more, be more and achieve their own impossible, by believing in I’MPossible!
  • We operate as a proud B Corp Certified Business, which also gives back 1% for the planet, as Chris uses his business as a role model to others and as a force for good and positive change.
  • This project ties into, highlights and gives back to five of the United Nations – 17 SDG’s, to bring about positive global change.

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