XXL Big Wave Awards April 2010

I’m back for another four weeks and then get the call they flying me out for the Big Wave world tour awards and infamous XXL Awards.

And here we go again…..LA, Limo’s Tuxedo’s and the gilts and glam of the fake world…You want to be a rock star for the weekend, this is it! Party on my friend, party on!



It was just off Hollywood, all the biggest names in the sport, celebrities and anyone else you can possibly imagine..

The glits and glam, rockstar world of the surf industry.

We started out early early with a surf just infront of Greg and Rusty Longs place at T street.

Then there were kegs of beer, stretched limo’s, a bus to take us to the awards which was packed to the brim! Over 100 people in there getting hammered and getting stoked before they even got to the Awards evening!

From there on it was beautiful ladies, big wave rock stars, fancy drinks and big bills…

Put it this way, even though my flight over was paid for and the 5 star accomodation was discounted dramatically, it was the most expensive night out of my life and I don’t regret one cent I spent!

To be a rockstar for a night…I guess is like everyone’s dream come true…

Catherine Clark, Chris Bertish, Carlos, Mayia Gabriel

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