Sustainability in everything we do

Everything we do at Chris Bertish – I’MPossible is based around inspiring change and long-term sustainability practices for the planet.

As a role model and ambassador, Chris has shifted 100% of his entire life, including his purpose and his business, to focus on inspiring positive change within ourselves and how we can embrace affirmative.


  • Being sustainable

  • Free-diving with ragged-tooth sharks

  • Sea turtles and litter

  • The Voyage

Chris is an ambassador for the following initiatives

The Thor Heyerdahl Climate change Park,  2 Oceans Aquarium, Operation Smile, Signature of Hope and Lykke Blue & Tree Coin, while investing in positive  change by becoming 1% for the Planet Certified, B Corp Certified and Carbon Net positive, while also helping on the other initiatives mentioned below:

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