Environmental Projects

Chris is very involved in numerous enviromental projects.  Our environment is merely on lone to us and the ocean is our sanctuary which we need to look after, protect and respect.  We need to help keep it clean and aid in any way to protect it from people and or companies that have little respect for the planet, our enviroment and the future of the planet.

Surfers Call

Chris is very involved with his brothers Conn and Greg, in an initiative started by Conn, named ‘the Surfers Call’, which is a surfers initiative to protect the oceans & rivers that we are so fortunate to be able to use and enjoy, that has been passed down from generation to generation, for us to continue to enjoy, but also protect and respect.

The Surfers Call is on a mission to make people aware and protest against any organisation and or people that contribute to damaging our enviroment, the ocean and the waves we are so fortunate to enjoy, as ocean custodians.

Recent Surfers Call Projects include:

  • Surfers Call- Disa River Awareness campaign- Hout Bay (March10)

This was a project to bring about awareness and protest against the damage all the pollutants are having to the area and how the Disa river has now become a major pollutant to the Hout Bay region, the beach and the ocean, as the run off from the township now is so toxic it is causing major pollution to the river and making the beach and ocean unsafe to walk, bathe and swim.


  • Surfers Call- Elands Bay-Moetant Rivier Anti Mining Campaign- Elands Bay (June10)

This was a protest to show our willingness to get involved and protest against the proposed mining action in the Elands Bay valley, the Moetant River and make a stand against the destruction and the damage the mining will have in the area to the environment, the natural wetland area, the ocean and the waves.  We say no to mining in one of South Africa’s few last natural wetland regions.

Next Surfers Call Project:

  • Coming soon to protect a beach near you!

Ocean Minded Custodian Projects

  • Local Beach Clean up Initiatives- Beaches around the Western Cape

  • Local Community projects to help Ocean Awareness and living and protecting and repecting the enviroment


Thyspunt Protest against the building of a Nuclear Power Plant in JBay

  • Surfers joined locals in huge protest against the building of a nuclear power plant on the 20th July 2010 at JBay

Over 2000 people joined in to show their concern about the buliding of a nuclear plant in an ecologically rich and unique area.  Turning an eco-destination into an industrial area will not only be sad and bad for planet earth, but many people will lose their livelihood which depends on tourism or fishing for a living.

The environmental and social impact of building a power plant will be catastrophic.  Thats not to mention that there are no safety guarantees from Eskom. An accidental radio active fallout at Thyspunt would be potentially 5 times that of Chernobyl which will result in deaths, long term cancers and birth deformities – terrifying!

We have to stand together to protect our planet!

If we don’t make a stand, who will?!

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