Morrocco 2005

Morocco- Deepest darkest Northern Africa.A trip that I had been wanting to do for years..


My girlfriend and I set out from the UK and headed for Agidir on the West coast of Morocco, for a two week mission to explore, search, surf, experience and have fun and see as much of the West coast as possible and hopefully get great waves at the same time. Arriving at Agidir, its hot, arid and dry…we organised a little back street rent a car and headed out for the coast. We found potholes, goats and plenty little road blocks and curves in the road along the way.


But at the end of that we found the quaint little seaside town of Agadir…don’t blink, as you’d probably miss it…the main street that runs right through it and continues North until it meets the Gibraltar at the end is only about 1km through the town from start to finish, littered with little stalls selling this and that, from chickens to roti’s to a couple quaint little rustic restaurants…

Home to the infamous Anchor point, a great running right hand point and many other fun waves, Agadir is littered with super fun little ripable waves, but if the swell gets too small or the waves too crowded, head north like we did after a couple days and headed for a, off the beaten track little beautiful and remote peninsula called Imsuane… Not very well known, but home to another great right hand sand point which runs for ages and is super user friendly in small swell which we had for the first week.

The people are friendly, the food a little dodge, the dogs malnutrition but the place is super cool, arid and rustic to the bone.


We stayed for a couple days and as the swell grew we headed south back to meet the building swell down at Anchor Point in hope to ride some solid overhead grinding barrels.

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