Hi and welcome to my website!

This is an information portal to the various aspects of my life: my passions, businesses, adventures, charity projects, my future goals and dreams still to be realized.

Life is a journey, don’t live or think small, because that’s exactly what you will get…

Dream big, think big, play big as life’s no dress rehearsal, we only get one chance at it, so live each day with the passion and courage to try…

Enjoy, travel, explore, smile and go out of your comfort zone to achieve beyond what you thought possible.. Live each day with the courage to try… Because the universe likes people who are different, who are out there looking for opportunities, making things happen, making the most out of life and who are determined to achieve and succeed.

Most importantly ignore and steer clear of people who think small and tell you things can’t be done or that anything is impossible. If you think big, you dream big and truly believe in doing something – you can and will achieve it. You will achieve more than you can possibly imagine or dream… You just have to truly believe it!

There is no such word as “Can’t” or “Impossible” and if you take those words out of your personal vocabulary it’s amazing what you can achieve and what can be done, as everything is possible and the sky is no longer the limit, you set your own.

Dream it, see it, believe it and then achieve it!

Aloha, Chris Bertish

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