Big Wave World Tour Awards 2010- Chris Highest ranking South African places 3rd in the World!

The Big Wave World Tour Surfing Awards were pretty special for two reasons.

Firstly this was the first ever Big Wave World Tour Awards, crowning the first ever Big Wave World Champion.

Secondly, it was on the night after the XXL Awards and I have never been in a worse state than I was that day, for probably one of the most amazing events of my entire life.



The Awards was held in the Surfing Hall of fame, Heritage House of Surfing in San Clemente, California, May 2010.

The Paparattzi of surfing was there doing interviews and pics from start to finish and the evening started off slow, walking around admiring all the boards of the last century, from Old Red Wood antiques to Kelly Slater and Mick Fannings World Title winning magic sticks.  The evening was sponsored by Jim Beam and the proceedings started by naming and calling up the Top 8 Big Wave riders of the tour, including Tashnick, Healey, Desmond, Burle, Twig, Navaro, Greg Long and myself.

Just to be called up into the Top 8 in the world is pretty amazing and a huge honour.

Then they narrowed it down to the Top 3 for The Big Wave world Title…

Carlos Burle, Mark Healey and Chris Bertish…. Holy shit! Now that was a huge shock and in third place Chris Bertish, second Mark Healey and in first and the first ever Big Wave World Champion… Carlos Burle from Brazil.

Everyone went crazy, champagne flowed and everyone went mad and the the athlete who has competed in big surf in tow and paddle for last decade, a true big wave legend and great ambassador as a pure professional big Wave rider, emerged the very deserving champion.  Carlos Burle, my friend, you deserved it more than anyone…

Carlos came up to the podium, emotional, stoked and honored to become the first ever Big Wave World Champion the world has ever seen. A worthy and credible ambassador for the sport and technical wizard and focused, professional athlete in every way.  Carlos gave a speach which mentioned the professionalism of the sport and what all the other athletes had contributed to the sport to get it to this point.

After this the crew didn’t slow down but stepped it up a notch and went into town for the hardest rocking night on the town I have ever experienced.  We drank bottles of Tequila, shooters, cleared dance floors and caused meyhem.  One of the best nights out I have ever had in my entire life and the great news is I still woke up alive in the morning with everything intact and we have great photo’s like the one below to savour the memories of an amazing group of friends that I have been fortunate to come to know over the last decade, while being over in the USA every year.. We party’d till they closed the door behind us, we all laughted, smiled, drank and shared good times, laughs and memories that can never be taken away… Thanks all you guys, that night was one of the nights of my life… You guys rock! Legends without a doubt..

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