Key features

  • Changing your mind-set, attitude, results
  • Perception of reality shift
  • Shifting a negative state
  • Can do attitude
  • The stoic philosophy
  • Opportunity through adversity
  • The constant of challenge is the way
  • A trained mind-set, is an aimed mind-set
  • Seeing the opportunity in the obstacle mindset
  • Dealing with the fear and moving past it
  • Shifting your comfort zone
  • Accomplishment breeds re-enforcement
  • Shifting into a positive attitude for success
  • The stimulation /engagement/ growth effect
  • The stepping stones process
  • The solve it / puzzle mindset
  • The snowball effect

About the workshop

This is a workshop and talk based on being a champion of change, as it’s the constant in life.

Chris will share with you how to see the value in accepting change, in a proactive manner, to have control of a more positive outcome in order to ensure positive results. Additionally, learning to see the positive side of change and how it helps you in every way and only hinders you if you resist change it and move against it.

An invaluable workshop/talk for businesses, professionals and individuals experiencing or preparing for dramatic change.

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