Big Wave Africa 2003 International Invitational only, speciality event, Dungeons, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa June 2-22, 2003 For seven years, Red Bull Big Wave Africa has offered top local and international surfers the opportunity to compete at the unpredictable, deep-water reef break known as “Dungeons”. The event has earned International recognition as one […]

December 2003 Our roving big wave ambassador Chris Bertish recently paddled out on his ace to hook a few at feared big wave break “Cribber” in the UK.  This simple deed worked everyone up into a lather in the land of lace and rolled up trousers. Chris was clueless as to what the fuss was […]

2001:  Big Wave Hunting The Bertish brothers are Cape Town surfing royalty. It’s hard to tell of any of them have limits in big surf. They’re regal legends of this small town’s big wave culture. Sir Fers, if you will. Best to start with the eldest, Greg is a loon who has charged every wave […]