Strength in a man lies not in his physical strength but more so in ability to be strong when needed, soft when required, accommodating where possible and caring when ever he has the opportunity to do so.

Being bigger than himself and thinking about others, whether that be a phone call to someone they haven’t spoken to for ages that’s going through a difficult time, dropping off presents to the needy, when most are all to busy in there own Christmas spirits, whether it be taking your partner on a little adventure out of the blue…

Red Cross Childrens Hospital

Red Cross Childrens Hospital

Buying flowers for the one you love, for no particular reason.

Being there for someone who hits an unexpected obstacle.

Remembering the little things that other people often forget.

Thinking about how you can help someone else and implementing it, anytime in your busy day.

Helping someone across the road, or with there groceries when they least expect it.

Giving people presents that least expect it, without expecting any in return…

Caring is strength, its sensitivity, it shows character, love, maturity and that you always have space to give back, to help, to assist be better, to give more than yourself and to be a better man than most, because it’s the little things in life that often make all the difference to others and show how much you care…

Little Adventures show you care

Little Adventures show you care

Be stronger, be better, care a little more and give back a little more to others, whenever and wherever you can.

For Miles for Smiles, in association with Operation Smile

For Miles for Smiles, in association with Operation Smile

An amazing couple days speed sailing, something I always dreamed of doing, sailing and cracking a top speed of 45.05knts, with one pretty intense crash, no broken bones, one, very bruised ball, one broken carbon boom & harness line, but met the most amazing bunch of friends that will last a lifetime…A strong reminder, that it’s not the destination that counts, but enjoying the people, the friendships created, the magic moments & the journey along the way.. Thanks to everyone for making this an epic experience & one I will never forget..

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I’m only driving back from Namibia now, working up there, seeing new accounts & expanding our business..Driving back gives you time to look back and reflect..Its been epic! Amazing Namibian scenery, dry, arid and beautiful..Speed week was a breath of fresh air, a new challenge, to test myself, do something different..but met the most amazing people..The speed sailing crew are just the most awesome crew, friendly sharing and giving like you never would imagine..I don’t think I ended up sailing with one item of my own equipment in the end besides, my wetsuit and Andrea Baldini board, Erik Beale fin & sail, Johnny van der Vyver Boom, Alberto Possati harness lines and weight jacket, Hennie Bredenkamp’s guidance, Mitch Wagstaff with the sail numbers and the whole crew’s wisdom and advice on rigging and Seb & Sophie’s help to be able to come and compete amongst the worlds best.. I learnt that this event wasnt for me about breaking a world record, but merely about pushing & challenging myself and evolving, but even more importantly it was about the people, the friendship, the sharing, the caring and spirit of helping from the brotherhood and knights of Speed! Knights of the Brotherhood of speed, I salute you and thank you..until we meet again, at over 43knts..

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— with Alberto Possati and 7 others.

Life is about finding your passion…finding out what inspires and drives you and then following this passion, with the extra energy and stoke it gives you to carry out your days with passion, direction and purpose, which will in turn help you achieve all your goals and live your dreams.

What drives & Inspires Chris Bertish-Big Wave Surfer/Speaker/Waterman

Always make time to give back through random acts of kindness and help others wherever you can. Love what you do and do what you love. Life’s too short to waste it on anything less, as a life filled with regret, is no life at all.

I’m driven by a love and passion for the ocean, for nature and discovering new places, redefining new limits through the various adventures I undertake, while re-defining possible, by squeezing the most out of every opportunity and generally always trying to squeeze the most out of life.

I believe we all need to constantly keep growing and evolving, keep testing and pushing ourselves both physically & mentally, while pushing the limits of what’s possible in all area’s of life.

I try and live with the attitude, to never give up, never give in. To live with the courage to follow my heart, my passions, which ultimately help realize your dreams.

This is done simply by making a choice, to let go of all limiting beliefs, believe whole heartedly in yourself, which in turn, inspires others to believe they to can achieve there potential.

I believe that if you truly believe in something and you have the faith & belief in yourself to achieve something. If you persevere and never give up, anything is possible. No matter who you are and where you come from doesn’t matter. Life is all about choices & it’s just a choice, a simple decision and then having the courage to follow that through, no matter the obstacles that come your way.

If you can dream it & you can see it and you truly believe it, you can achieve it, as Nothing’s Impossible unless you believe it to be.

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Mine is simply to squeeze the most out of life, seize every opportunity, live with no regrets, live with the courage to try, believe in my self and all that’s possible. To leave the world a better place by give back when ever possible and inspiring others to dream big and then live with the courage to follow them…