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Surfer Mag May 2010

Mail and Guardian

Mail & Guardian:  Top 200 Young South Africans you have to take to lunch… 2010

Zig Zag Centre Poster

Zig Zag Centre Poster

2009 Seal Island

2009 Seal Island

Chris Bertish is unsound. Unhinged some might say. One of South Africa’s highest profile big wave surfers has made a name for himself by consistently pushing the envelope. Not content to take off late, backdoor sections as big as suburban homes and pull into huge gaping close-out maws, Chris also likes to be the first oke to do something. Remember he was the first guy to paddle into Jaws / Peahi in Hawaii and the first to paddle big Ghost Trees in California. He pretty much single-handedly re-established modern big wave surfing in the UK when he paddled out at the Cribber to catch some close-outs, and made the front page news. Then he was the first guy to catch a wave on an SUP at Dungeons.

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2006 Easter Island

Easter Island

Part 1

I flew out of England after a six-hour drive to Heathrow from Cornwall. I had zero luggage to check in, only boards. They were under the 25kg weight requirement but Iberian still stung me 276 pounds! Just to get to Chile, not even to Rapa Nuie! Don’t fly Iberia, is all I can say.  Strike 1 …

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Stand Up Paddle World Tour Event France

Stand Up Paddle World Tour Event- Anglet, France- May 2010

The Stand Up Paddle World Tour event in Anglet was the first Sup event I have ever entered and competed in. Relatively new to the sport of Stand Up Paddle surfing, after only starting just under two years ago it seems I have built a reputation abroad for Supp’ing into some of the heaviest waves on the planet- I guess Dungeons included. Luckily for me, this reputation has enabled me to get a place on teh stand Up Paddle World tour Committee Board and a slot into the Top 16 for the first two legs of the SUP World Tour.

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Big Wave World Tour Awards 2010

Big Wave World Tour Awards 2010- Chris Highest ranking South African places 3rd in the World!

The Big Wave World Tour Surfing Awards were pretty special for two reasons.

Firstly this was the first ever Big Wave World Tour Awards, crowning the first ever Big Wave World Champion.

Secondly, it was on the night after the XXL Awards and I have never been in a worse state than I was that day, for probably one of the most amazing events of my entire life.


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XXL Awards 2010

XXL Big Wave Awards April 2010

I’m back for another four weeks and then get the call they flying me out for the Big Wave world tour awards and infamous XXL Awards.

And here we go again…..LA, Limo’s Tuxedo’s and the gilts and glam of the fake world…You want to be a rock star for the weekend, this is it! Party on my friend, party on!


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