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Caring makes a man Stronger

Strength in a man lies not in his physical strength but more so in ability to be strong when needed, soft when required, accommodating where possible and caring when ever he has the opportunity to do so. Being bigger than himself and thinking about others, whether that be a phone call to someone they haven’t […]

Your Glory Days- The present, not the past!

Glory Days- The present,not the past! People talk about glory days like it’s always in the past, 10 or 15yrs, or even 20yrs ago or when they were at high school, but I have never really understood this at all. Surely our glory days need to be in the present and what we’ve done in the […]

The Need for Speed!

An amazing couple days speed sailing, something I always dreamed of doing, sailing and cracking a top speed of 45.05knts, with one pretty intense crash, no broken bones, one, very bruised ball, one broken carbon boom & harness line, but met the most amazing bunch of friends that will last a lifetime…A strong reminder, that […]

What drives & inspires you?

Life is about finding your passion…finding out what inspires and drives you and then following this passion, with the extra energy and stoke it gives you to carry out your days with passion, direction and purpose, which will in turn help you achieve all your goals and live your dreams. What drives & Inspires Chris […]

Men and their role as fathers and also as husbands.

I think the most important elements for being a good role model as a father is being able to give consistent and great Guidance and a key solid foundation to your kids taught by example and through consistency, which gives the kids the foundation they all need to build off, as a base growing up […]