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Chris Bertish Wins the Mavericks 2010 Big Wave event, in California in the biggest paddle waves in the history of the sport

Chris Places 3rd, at the Nellscott Big Wave International

& becomes the first person ever to SUP Giant Nellscott Reef

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Welcome to chrisbertish.com

Hi and welcome to my website!

This is an information portal to the various aspects of my life: my passions, businesses, adventures, charity projects, my future goals and dreams still to be realized.

Life is a journey, don’t live or think small, because that’s exactly what you will get…

Dream big, think big, play big as life’s no dress rehearsal, we only get one chance at it, so live each day with the passion and courage to try…

Enjoy, travel, explore, smile and go out of your comfort zone to achieve beyond what you thought possible.. Live each day with the courage to try… Because the universe likes people who are different, who are out there looking for opportunities, making things happen, making the most out of life and who are determined to achieve and succeed.

Most importantly ignore and steer clear of people who think small and tell you things can’t be done or that anything is impossible. If you think big, you dream big and truly believe in doing something – you can and will achieve it. You will achieve more than you can possibly imagine or dream… You just have to truly believe it!

There is no such word as “Can’t” or “Impossible” and if you take those words out of your personal vocabulary it’s amazing what you can achieve and what can be done, as everything is possible and the sky is no longer the limit, you set your own.

Dream it, see it, believe it and then achieve it!

Aloha, Chris Bertish

The Three Invitational Surf events

These three events are International Invitation only events.  12-24 of the World’s Best Invitees, for each event only.

  1. Mavericks Big Wave Invitational-Half Moon Bay, Northern California
  2. Nelscott Big Wave Paddle Invitational-Orgeon-USA
  3. SUP World Champs-Makaha-Oahu-Hawaii

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Who is Chris Bertish?

Name: Chris Bertish

Nickname: Cristo
Born: 11-07-74
Height: 1.72ft
Weight: 72kg
Sponsors: O’Neill, Jim Beam, Jeff Clark Shapes, DVG Shapes, True Blue Surf Travel, Naish, Hurricane
Surfing since: Age 10

Hi, I’m a pretty normal guy like everyone else facing the usual problems and hurdles we have to deal with to get by in life.

I’m not a full-time paid surfing professional athlete.

I run my own business and work a full-time job, while trying to train and surf when ever I get the chance and compete internationally, when I can afford the time and the flights.

I just have a really strong passion and desire to ride big waves and travel all over the world in my spare time.

I’m really goal-orientated and focused on what I want to acheive. I know if you truly believe in something and you set your sights on anything and are determined and focused enough, you can achieve anything…

I’m not just a surfer…I have been involved in all watersports from a really early age: from sailing, which I enjoyed all over the world in my early twenties, to windsurfing the planet, to water-skiing and Stand up Paddling in my spare time and whenever I get the chance.

The more time I can spend in the ocean, in any shape or form, the better..I am a waterman, it’s the one place I feel truly comfortable and it makes me smile the most!

My brothers, an important part of who I am.


  • Rondebosch Boys High 92′
  • Desktop Publishing Course-6 months
  • Marketing & Sales Degree -3 year
  • RYA & CASA Sailing & Power Coastal Skipper
  • BSA Level 3 Surf Instructor
  • RYA First Aid Instructor
  • RYA Personal Watercraft Instructor
  • K38 International Water Safety Instructor
  • Spanish Sailing Instructor

Work Experience

  • Shell International- Customer service- RSA
  • Professional Maxi Sailing Race Team & chartered skipper- USA
  • Billabong South Africa- National Sales & Promotions Manager- RSA
  • Gul International- Surf Brand Manager- UK
  • Balin & Rhino International Reasearch & Design Manager
  • RYA Personal Watercraft/ Training & Rescue Centre- Director- UK
  • O’Neill South Africa Brand/ Sales & Marketing Manager- RSA
  • CMB Agencies- Director- O’Neill/ Fox/ Hurricane & Ocean Minded Agent



Cape Times 11 September 2009

Cape Times 11 September 2009